Hengfeng Tower by Serie Architects

Description by Serie Architects :

The building type “mixed-use tower”, a tower that contains more than one use within its structure, is becoming increasingly common in cities across the globe. Our design for the tower is an att empt to confront some of the fundamental issues present within this building type while simultaneously providing Linyi with the landmark tower the city deserves. At the heart of this issue, and our design, is the question: how can we express two different programs with enti rely different qualities and needs while maintaining coherence within the architecture? Most designs of mixed use towers express the difference in uses through the different partitions in the plan or through placing the programs side by side. Coherence is achieved through simple repetition or extrusion of a facade element. We believe that there is a fundamental difference between the programs that can’t be reconciled solely in a plan’s partition. The office and commercial space demand a high degree of connection to the city in terms of infrastructure, access and visibility. The residential apartments demand almost the opposite condition, while they need to be well connected in terms of infrastructure, in terms of visibility and adjacency they should be a place distanced from the city. To achieve true luxury it needs to be above the city.

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