Wheelock Square in Shanghai, China by KPF

Description by KPF :

The 61-story Wheelock Square office tower occupies a very pivotal site in the city of Shanghai. Located opposite Jing An Park and between Nanjing Xi Lu and Yan’An Xi Lu, the project both anchors the western end of Nanjing Xi Lu and acts as a major landmark along the elevated highway connecting downtown Shanghai with the west. Our architectural solution responds to these adjacencies and energies.

The tower is conceived of as a simple, singular, sculptural form rising from a richly landscaped plaza. At the top of the tower, the glass curtain wall extends as a series of planes that rise as they move away from the sculpted corner, resulting in a dynamic form derived from a very simple plan.

At the bottom of the tower, the exterior glazing folds out from the vertical surfaces above to form both canopy and loggia for those approaching the lobby. At the ground plane, the tower sits on a square, stone base, raised several steps from the surrounding plaza. At the southwest corner of the site sits a 22,000-square-foot (2,000-square-meter) retail element. It is connected to the tower by a covered walkway, and forms an intimate space for outdoor dining between its own mass and the tower lobby. At the northeast corner of the site, fronting the Nanjing Xi Lu/Hua Shan Lu intersection and the Jing An temple beyond, is a large reflecting pool and fountain with an escalator connection to the Jing An MRT station rising from its middle. This is connected to the tower lobby by a covered walkway, linearly aligned with that connecting to the retail piece.

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