The Pinnacle in London by KPF

Description by KPF :

Located on Bishopsgate, one of the main thoroughfares in the City of London, The Pinnacle is at the heart of the financial district, the highest point in the City’s tall building cluster. Spiralling 288 meters (941 feet) upward from its base, the tower provides 64 floors of high-quality office accommodation, restaurants and a viewing gallery, and will become an iconic building on the city skyline as well as making a significant contribution to the public realm.

With complex boundaries, the form and massing of the building – its scale, footprint and connection to the street – is key. The spiralling form is generated from the existing and planned City cluster – rising in specific response to adjacent building heights and viewpoints across London and made coherent by the ‘snakeskin’ facade. This system is effectively comprised of two layers of clear glass; an inner, sealed (weatherproof and thermally broken) skin and an outer, un-insulated ‘snakeskin’ layer made of repetitively sized, overlapping rectangular glass panels.

Occupying a site previously taken by a 1980s office building the design also serves to enliven the steetscape by opening up pedestrian walkways that have been inaccessible for over 30 years, and connect a number of major public spaces along Bishopsgate and St Mary Axe. The base of the building is defined by public routes through the site and reinforced by the ‘lifting’ of the canopy which reveals double-height retail spaces and the triple-height tower entrance lobby with café and retails spaces toward the north.

Internally The Pinnacle provides over one million square feet of office accommodation. Its tapering form generate a range of floor plates to suit a variety of business needs and are flexible enough to be scales to provide specific support services such as conferencing facilities. At levels 10/11 and 31/32 sky lobbies provide communal zones for office occupiers; key circulation areas, a café and panoramic views of London. On the top floors, accessed by high-speed lifts, will be London’s highest restaurant with external terraces, and galleries.

Environmentally, with an ‘Excellent’ target BREEAM rating The Pinnacle incorporates a number of environmental systems including 850 square meters of photovoltaic panels, wrapping around the ‘collar’ of the tower façade as it spirals to the top, a triple layer glass facade and heat recovery, high-efficiency plant and low-energy cooling systems.

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