CTF Guangzhou in Guangzhou, China by KPF

Description by KPF :

As one of the tallest buildings in Guangzhou’s Zhujiang Xincheng CBD, the CTF Guangzhou anchors an already distinguished skyline. Its form sets back at four major transition points: 1) office to residential; 2) residential to hotel; 3) hotel to crown; and 4) crown to sky. Each setback shrinks the floorplate according to program requirements and creates sky terraces for tenants to enjoy.

The 530-meter CTF Guangzhou (East Tower) forms an urban triumvirate with the 440-meter International Finance Center (West Tower) and the 600-meter Canton Tower (TV Tower). All three towers share curving floorplates and surfaces articulated with bright white lines. In the West Tower, the white lines are an internal diagrid; in the TV Tower, the lines are a torquing exoskeleton; and in KPF’s East Tower, the lines are a high-performance skin.

“High-performance” means that the CTF Guangzhou’s white lines conceal operable windows, LED lighting, and window-washing tracks, as well as providing significant solar shading. The white color is provided by glazed terracotta, a renewable resource with a low carbon footprint. As in ancient Chinese ceramics, the white crackled glaze catches the light in ever-changing ways and provides a poetic frame for the panoramic views out. By using terracotta as the major façade element, the CTF Guangzhou ties itself into a long tradition of Chinese craft.

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