American Commerce Center in Philadelphia, PA, USA by KPF

Description by KPF :

Located at the core of Philadelphia’s Center City District near Logan Square, the American Commerce Center is part of the renewal of the City’s historic downtown area to reposition itself as a premier American city. Introducing a synergy of uses at the site, 1800 Arch Street, the ACC will be a high-density mixed-use 24/7 commercial development comprising office, retail and below-grade parking, as well as a hotel spanning 26 floors. The tower’s iconic form features a broadcast antenna that rises to 1,500 feet.

In efforts to reactivate cities, mixed-use projects serve many purposes, both economically and environmentally, in light of the looming energy crisis. KPF’s design for the American Commerce Center, at the core of Philadelphia’s Center City District, employs numerous sustainable technologies to reduce demand, reuse energy and recycle resources on-site. Indoor air quality is enhanced by the use of high-performance exterior façade and cogeneration systems. Overall environmental quality is enhanced by the ACC’s maximization of open space, light, air and views into and out of the building. Connections to the multimodal Suburban Station concourse from the lobby and street-level exterior public plaza encourage workers, resident and visitors to utilize mass transit.

The conventional “wedding cake” zoning formula that has shaped much of Philadelphia’s character has too often resulted in large breaks in the urban street wall and underutilized plazas. Through a building massing approach that prioritizes user connectivity and convenience, a cascading series of interlocking “urban rooms” create visual permeability and interconnectivity to the surrounding neighborhood. These open spaces contribute to the overall activity and energy conservation at the site through greenscaping that uses water resources and stormwater management systems.

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